March 20, 2019
Becoming Even Stronger Leaders in the Humanitarian Sector

Effective leadership is essential within the Humanitarian sector as an ever-changing world throws challenges organisations must adapt to.

The Humanitarian Academy for Development (HAD) is responding to this with its flagship executive programme, LDP (Leadership Development Programme).

Designed to expand the horizons of senior management and leaders, LDP teaches participants how the Humanitarian sector (and thus ultimately the beneficiaries) can thrive as a result of their improved strategic leadership.

Gathering the Leaders

A four day training course was conducted in Istanbul, Turkey with senior leaders from Islamic Relief, one of the largest NGOS in the world. From Country Directors to Chief Executive Officers, the sessions were specifically tailored for the organisation and its challenges in mind.

The leaders were shown through experiential learning, that those who practise good leadership behaviours and apply them in the workplace would enhance the performance of their country office.

The Learning and Development team at HAD, with over twenty years Leadership and Management experience, is able to bring its own perspective on not only the practical tools needed to identify and address challenges more effectively but the techniques required to empower and influence others with integrity.

The Humanitarian Sector 

Humanitarian Sector

Stephen Terry, Head of Learning and development at HAD, believes that the course is essential to the sector development of the sector. He commented that “our work (at HAD) is recognised widely in the sector, and, with the sector maturing, there are standards, processes and policies to follow that needs learning, development and training. We are obligated as custodians of donor’s money to make sure it’s effectively spent. This means capacity building taught by those with more than 20 years on the ground experience.”

A Time to Reflect

LDP is designed to provide a much-needed and rare opportunity for managers to reflect and absorb learning in a supportive but challenging peer group. HAD encourages its delegates with the simple message; it is not enough to have an understanding of modern strategic leadership techniques – you need to comprehend them too. For Tarik Benhattat, a board member at Islamic Relief Switzerland: LDP was a chance to learn something new, “LDP was excellent. I’m now aware that I am not aware, I became more conscious of my incompetencies, and, as a board member of an international NGO, this is vital. I truly believe the LDP has made me an even better leader.”


The Humanitarian Sector