October 11, 2019
    HAD Joins NGOs Empowerment for Poverty Reduction Program

    HAD has partnered with IsDB, UNDP, Save The Children, SPARK, ISFD, and many other international partners in a 21 million USD program for NGOs Empowerment for Poverty Reduction.

    The program

    The program launched on 27th September 2019, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. It aims to build the capacity of NGOs to enable them to better tackle poverty in the least developed countries, especially in Islamic Development Bank member countries. These countries face multiple socio-economic hardships such as poverty, violent conflicts, and natural disasters. As a result, the NGOs Empowerment for Poverty Reduction Program was developed as a way to consolidate and coordinate the efforts of development actors, namely governments, NGOs, civil society, and donors.

    At the project preparatory meeting that took place earlier in September, Mr. Khemais El Gazzah, Senior Advisor to ISFD Director General stated:

    “Tackling poverty is one of the core mandates of the IsDB Group, yet it is not a one man-job and cannot be undertaken single handedly. That is why we and our development partners, are turning to empowering Non-Governmental Organisations.”

    The objective

    The overall objective of the project is defined as:

    Empower NGOs to improve the socio-economic well-being of the hard-to-reach communities through refugees education, job creation, building resilience and community livelihoods development.

    This will be achieved by providing training and e-learning modules on topics such as Organisational Accountability, Leadership and Management, Strategic Planning, Financial Management and Participatory Planning and Implementation to NGOs with access to these communities.

    How will it work?

    The system that brings the whole project together is an aggregation platform called TADAMON. TADAMON serves as a resource, data base and network to connect NGOs across the globe. It facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experience & best practices, crowd funding campaigns, and hosts information about projects and success stories.

    The program will be rolled out in the 57 Islamic Development Bank member countries over the next five years.


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