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Programmes Focused Capacity Building Training


Mission Gaziantep, Turkey / July 2019 The training was developed and delivered by our Head of Programmes, Dr Jennifer Philippa Eggert, who has over 15 years of experience working as a programmeser and practitioner in the Middle East, Europe and South Asia. Participants included staff and volunteers of Syria Bright Future, a local NGO that focuses on mental health and community wellbeing in Syria and amongst Syrian refugees in the region. Since participants in the training came from a range of different backgrounds, the first module covered the very basics. We looked at questions such as: what is programmes, what does it [...]

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Professional Youth Humanitarian Program (PYHP)


Mission UK / 2019- ongoing The innovative Professional Youth Humanitarian Program (PYHP) was designed to transform the youth humanitarian action from random emotions-based action into a steady visioned and professional action. The program provides participants with comprehensive and detailed insights into humanitarian action, enabling a deeper understanding of humanitarian policies, principles and values, as well as a wider wider understanding of the sector. Participants are able to develop leadership, management and practical skills for their future roles in the humanitarian sector. At HAD one of our key focus areas is empowering and strengthening the future of our humanitarian sector and developing [...]

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MADAD Youth Resolve: Humanitarian Internship Programme


Mission JORDAN & LEBANON / 2017-2019 This humanitarian internship programme provided 10 young people aged 20-26, from diverse backgrounds across the EU, with an opportunity to play an active role in reducing inter-communal tensions, foster social cohesion, build livelihood opportunities and contribute towards alleviating local development challenges. Funded by the European Union, the programme focuses on strengthening and developing interns’ knowledge and skills through a combination of training and work-based learning. The programme included a one week induction training programme which introduced the programme, the regional context and challenges, as well as community engagement planning and safety training. As well as [...]

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Recruitment and Selection


Mission UK / 2018- ongoing January this year saw the long awaited roll out of our Recruitment and Selection workshop. Initially, this is a mandatory course for all recruiting managers but, ultimately, anyone who sits on an interview panel will be required to complete this, and this will roll out globally. Whether in the humanitarian sector or elsewhere, recruitment and selection is one of the key, and often underestimated, aspects of capacity building. Recruiting and building a solid operative team is vital for developing and enhancing organisational effectiveness, which is what HAD is all about. Some of the key areas covered [...]

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Leadership Development Programme (LDP)


Mission Global / 2015- ongoing The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) enhances top-level capability and moulds INGO culture. This flagship executive programme expands horizons by demonstrating how the organisation can thrive as a result of improved strategic leadership. Greater executive impact results from effective leadership behaviours so that, aligned with corporate strategy, others are inspired to follow and give their best. LDP is accredited with the acclaimed ILM Level 7 Award in Leadership & Management qualification. This makes it internationally recognised as equivalent in standard to Master’s Level. To practise good leadership behaviours, subsequently apply them in the workplace and thus enhance [...]

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Volunteer Leadership Programme (VLP)


Mission UK / 2015- ongoing The ground-breaking Volunteer Leadership Programme (VLP) is the first of its kind globally, and is a volunteer-lead programme designed to train its participants in the subject area of desire. Co-developed and ran by HAD and Islamic Relief UK, some of the course areas we cover include digital and social, fundraising, volunteering on the front lines and more! This programme has greatly improved volunteer retention and produced winner of the Volunteer of the Year Award, along with several participants who became Chairs of committees and also became IRUK employees as a result of the programme. It was [...]

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Domestic Programming


Mission Global / 2015- ongoing Domestic Programming: R&D conducts cutting-edge programmes on development programmes in Canada, Germany, Malaysia, South Africa, Sweden, UK and the US One of the big themes that have recently dominated the development sector is the question of how accurate it is to continue speaking about development as something that states and organisations based in the Global North help countries in the Global South achieve. Historically, development has often been perceived as “the wealthy Global North helping the poor Global South”. However, in recent years, there is an increasing awareness that this approach is not a reflection of the [...]

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Capacity Building Training for Frontline Syrian NGOs


Mission 3 Countries / 2018 – 2020 Rebuilding Syria 2018: HAD provides capacity building training to local NGOs responding to the Syrian Crisis in Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon. Responding to current pressing humanitarian crises is forever at the forefront of HAD’s objectives. With the ongoing conflict in Syria affecting several aspects of the lives of its inhabitants, HAD was hired to deliver a number of training courses to empower and strengthen the local NGOs capacities to respond to the crisis in Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon. The aim of these courses were to maximise their effectiveness and efficiency in responding to the [...]

Capacity Building Training for Frontline Syrian NGOs2023-05-13T09:49:22+00:00

Train The Trainer (TTT)


Mission Global / 2015- ongoing Become self-sufficient and develop your own in-house training function with HAD’s Train the Trainer training workshop. Training is not simply about imparting information: facilitators need to make it interactive, it needs to ‘stick’. The Train the Trainer workshops are designed to give participants the fundamentals of current thinking on effective pedagogical approaches. Pedagogy refers to the interactions between facilitators and participants, and the learning environment and tasks. This broad term includes how facilitators and participants relate together as well as the instructional approaches implemented. In September 2016, TTT launched for the very first time. Representatives from [...]

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Keeping Faith in 2030: Sustainable Development Goals


Mission 3 Countries / 2016-2019 ‘Keeping Faith in 2030’: R&D concludes major international programmes project on religion and the SDGs in India, Ethiopia and the UK February saw the conclusion of a major R&D-co-led programmes project on religions and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ‘Keeping Faith in 2030’. The programmes project aimed to enhance international and cross-sectional exchange about the role of religions in defining, implementing, and safeguarding sustainable development, as codified in the SDGs. It consisted of programmes partners and non-academic institutions in Ethiopia, India, and the UK, and thus created a space for academics and practitioners to collaborate [...]

Keeping Faith in 2030: Sustainable Development Goals2023-05-13T09:42:25+00:00
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