As the learning division of Islamic Relief, we have access to over 40 countries worldwide and therefore, we can support humanitarian workers around the world to build their skills and better serve their communities. Here, Ahmad Alhakami, a project officer at Islamic Relief, explains how we helped him support his fellow aid workers and communities in Yemen.

As a project officer with Islamic Relief Yemen, my focus is on developing the capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that are local partners of Islamic Relief. Every day, I work towards empowering staff at these organisations through project management, field visits, and ensuring that our support is aligned with their needs.

Thanks to the HAD training programmes I attended, I have not only honed my skills, but also elevated the quality of our team’s work. From strategic planning to proposal writing and management training, these sessions have equipped me to navigate some complex projects more efficiently. Skills I strengthened during the training also helped secure vital funding, ultimately, enabling us to address the humanitarian crises and other pressing issues in Yemen.

The training I underwent led me to some unexpected opportunities. For example, I ended up running 17 training sessions for 20 organisations in Yemen, using my newfound knowledge from the training to cover similar topics. I also provided personalised guidance through counselling and mentoring sessions to enhance the skills of individual humanitarian workers.

Sustained support for local actors

Despite facing challenges, such as a lack of experience and knowledge of humanitarian work among some individuals, I persevered, drawing upon the quality of education provided by HAD, and our joint efforts saw these organisations reach a higher level of proficiency.

Amid economic challenges and limited grant opportunities, our ongoing projects offer a glimmer of hope for the sustained support of CSOs in Yemen.

Ahmad is using what he learned on the HAD training to help strengthen the skills and knowledge of other humanitarians in Yemen

As I witness the tangible impact of training on a local scale, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge, which enables me to serve my people more effectively.

I believe in the transformative power of knowledge in shaping our humanitarian efforts, which is also reflected in the teachings of Islam, and the example set by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in valuing learning and education as a means of empowerment and service to humanity.

With the support of Islamic Relief, and its learning division HAD, I feel more empowered and confident to tackle some challenging situations, as a humanitarian worker in Yemen. I hope that training projects like these will continue, as they contribute to alleviating the suffering of communities.

At HAD, our dedication to enhancing the capabilities of humanitarians like Ahmad remains unwavering. This Ramadan let’s work together to empower more individuals like Ahmad to effectively respond to disasters and address the changing needs of communities affected by war.

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